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How does video personalisation work?

Step 1: Choose a template or create a custom video

Choose from our wide range of ready-made templates or create a custom video.

Step 2: Make it Personal

Decide what part of the video you want personalised. It could be just the name or more. See examples.

Step 3: Roll ‘em out

Share your database of names and we work our magic and render your videos.

Where can I use Personalised Videos?

Examples of Personalised Videos

Frequently Asked Questions

A video that’s customised (tailored) and made relevant to the viewer of your video.

You could personalise pretty much everything - starting with the name. If you have the data, we can get that into the video.

Could begin with a personalised festive greeting or a video about the performance of a stock portfolio of your users or you could be a retail brand nudging your loyal customers to get back and shop!

Let us ask you - how many do you need? We can begin with as low as 20 to as high as 200,000. You may want a video for your personal occasion (such as a party invite for 25 people) or an enterprise (with video count of 200,000), Unyque can get it done!

For videos with preset templates, customisation and delivery can happen in about 5 working days.

TL;DR - Personalised videos can range from INR 5 / video ( 10 cents ) upwards. Purely depends on the volume of videos and how many custom elements are added in.

The costing is simple. There are 3 components that determine the cost for a personalised video:

  • The cost of your master video - do you want a custom video made or choose from some of our preset templates.
  • The number of customisation points in your video - do you want to customise only the name or add in other personalised data. Eg: For a Personalised holiday video, this could mean adding their upcoming itinerary details. For an investment related video, you could add in their investment portfolio details along with performance. Every data point that you add is a custom element to the video.
  • The number of videos you want to get made.

Of course. We can either handover the videos to you and you can distribute or we can help you do that as well - be it via email, WhatsApp or a text message.

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